Strategy & Performance

Our Strategy & Performance practice helps clients achieve step-change improvements in business alignment, productivity, performance, engagement and capability.

Catalyste approaches transformation with a strong focus on Target Operating Model – ensuring clear connections between the strategy / desired end-state, and the critical people, process and technology enablers that need to be in place.

Our work focuses on helping organisations design more effective organisational structures, reward and recognition models, and cultural change interventions – linked to strategy.


Program Delivery

Our Program Delivery practice supports clients in end-to-end business and technology change initiatives, typically commencing with diagnostic, strategy alignment or Target Operating Model activities.

We help our clients establish highly robust yet workable project/program governance and assurance capabilities early in the work, and usually develop or provide support to ensure that a solid organisational change management approach is in place.

We then help our clients execute the body of the change with a high degree of control, engagement and buy-in for the change.

We work ‘client-side’, often helping clients assess the market for suitable vendors/partners, guide them through commercial engagement of those partners, establish the program, and manage the project through execution – staying by their side throughout to ensure success.


Change Management

Our Change Management practice supports clients with our comprehensive Organisational Change Management Framework and associated toolsets.

We also specialise in helping clients with project and program driven Change Management – developing project Change Management frameworks, performing organisational and change diagnostics, and providing specialist Change Management capability – from individual practitioners through to entire teams.

Catalyste helps clients:

  • Understand the organisational change management needs of their business and their projects, through focused diagnostic activities across organisational strategy and organisational change management domains

  • Plan and execute organisational change management, from project jump-starts to whole-of-lifecycle change management project delivery

  • Build change capability and maturity, leveraging our Change Management Framework and toolsets to help organisations develop their own internal change capabilities

  • Resource critical change management roles, from specialist consultants to flexible teams of change specialists, and internal change management leads.